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GDPR - Privacy

Due to the new regulations GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) of AVG (General Data Protection Regulation)_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d approach as follows:


This website is managed by ICT-Connecting - René Knecht manager.

This website was used for these Sales & IT vacancies.

ICT-Connecting bvba  attaches importance to your privacy. Although most of the information on this site is available without providing any personal information, it is possible that the user will be asked for personal information in mailings. This information will only be used in the context of customer management and recruitment and selection activities: matching your data with job opportunities; it passed on (and only if you have given your consent) of details regarding your knowledge and expertise to interested customers, to keep you informed about our vacancies and freelance assignments, or to keep you informed of our activities and services. The user can always object, free of charge and on request, to the use of his data for direct marketing and job matching. To this end, he will contact ICT-Connecting bvba, Cyriel Buyssestraat 6 B, 9850 Deinze_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_or -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_or via an unsubscribe procedure that will also be communicated. Your personal data will never be passed on to third parties without your express prior consent.


However, ICT-Connecting has implemented a completely different strategy regarding technology and traditional database management in 2018 as a result of which we will only approach candidates if they have given their consent. This permission will be obtained by op-tin or by express mail  after they have been approached by our employees. When we approach candidates, it is for job matching: investigating whether you as a candidate could be considered for an open vacancy at our clients.


For the Differentiation Selling - platform  that is managed via ICT-Connecting bvba,  email addresses are also collected either via an opt-in for the newsletter or by downloading learning materials as ebooks, audio and video files. From now on, an optin will be explicitly requested for the newsletter platform and the download pages. More explanation about the privacy policy of the Differentiation Selling - Platform can be found here:



Customers and relations of ICT-Connecting

Of the Customers and relations of ICT-Connecting with whom conversations have been held in the past regarding the services of ICT-Connecting bvba , minimal data is also kept such as e-mail traffic, address, telephone data, visit reports, job analysis, contracts, quotes. This history is kept because it is necessary to perform our services. If we have to look for candidates  or develop a training program, we must at least understand the client's environment in order to properly perform our assignment and address the right candidates or develop an adapted training program .

If these contacts are on a mailing list, they will also be explicitly asked to opt-in for these mailing lists insofar as this has not yet happened. 


Each applicant  is hereby entitled to

  • Inspection: which data we keep about the candidate. In the new optin procedure, the candidate will be able to indicate this himself. 

  • Correction: if after inspection it appears that the data is not correct, the candidate has the right to adjust it

  • Oblivion: if you no longer wish to be approached by ICT-Connecting and its employees, you as an applicant have the right to be forgotten. This means that all your data will be deleted in our mailing system where your data is stored.


Do you want to use this: do this via a written request with your e-mail address and send a signed identity card together both sides) or passport (also with date and signature) tav

ICT-Connecting bvba

Cyriel Buyssestraat 6B

9850 Deinze (Nevele)

We will then send the data to your e-mail address for inspection or confirm by e-mail that the data has been changed or destroyed.


Of course you can always easily unsubscribe from our communications  via the unsubscribe button (unsubscribe button)  in the newsletters with tips and information about vacancies and the labor market. Or in writing as described above. 

If your details have been removed from the mailing list, we may contact you personally by email or telephone in the future for a specific job offer or we may be able to assist you in looking for a new challenge. For example because your name appears on social media or in articles or because you respond to one of our vacancies. 


ICT-Connecting does not exaggerate by sending information and we always try to send only suitable vacancies. That is why we request a minimum number  standard data: including desired job category, email address, name, telephone, zip code. Only email is required to be notified of new vacancies. 


If you wish to respond to a vacancy, we ask that you send us a CV. This CV is kept in our mail system  and dat yet for at least the time necessary to complete the application procedure or to fulfill the obligations regarding any agreements that arise are between you, ICT-Connecting and its clients. For example: if you were employed after an application procedure at our client, we would like to keep your details for future follow-up interviews. Or because you have ended up in our recruitment reserve and may be eligible for other vacancies. You always retain the right to be forgotten.


The legislator is unclear about the retention terms that we can reasonably keep the data. We like to follow candidates during their career and make updates from time to time.  We ourselves are looking for what makes sense. 

Term: Approximately every 2 years we provide an update of the consent you have given us to keep your data. You will then receive an invitation by e-mail to re-enter your data. 


After telephone contact and possibly a personal meeting, an interview report is drawn up, together with any reference checks. This will be sent by email to the client for which we are looking for new  candidates. ICT-Connecting mediates between clients who have an open vacancy and candidates who are currently open for a new employer or assignment.

This data is stored in our mail system and can be consulted/changed or destroyed via the above right of access (except a statistic  with name, date of presentation and any historical agreements because we must be able to demonstrate that we have introduced you.


The data is stored with parties with whom we have concluded a processing agreement and in which the security and policy regarding data leaks are laid down.

All this is kept in the Register of Processing.

How do we process the data?

  • You will be able to adjust the data that we keep about you yourself  via the master list button _cc-3194- bad58 //   (enter your email address and if you are already registered you will receive an invitation to change your details). If you are not registered, you will receive an email with a link with which you can confirm your subscription to the newsletter and job postings.

  • If we receive your name spontaneously or via social  media, we will register you and  ask permission if we can use your data._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136cc78cf58 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

  • We store this data to match it with open vacancies at our customers. It is then possible that we will contact you by e-mail, telephone or social media for this specific job offer.

  • We may also want to share information with you about the labor market. It will always be related to work, jobs and career or also sales tips via the Differentiation Selling newsletter for commercial profiles. We will never pass on your details to third parties or send you advertising emails unless it concerns job offers and information related to this. Or to keep you informed about changes to our services.

  • It is possible that you click on certain web links in response to our news items. This data is kept for marketing purposes, e.g. to find out what information is found interesting by our readers.

  • By clicking on such a link you can go to other sites that collect information about you and that may be used by the owners who have a different privacy policy than we do. This is beyond our control and may not be covered by this statement.


data retention

We keep your data with a view to new vacancies at our customers and to manage our relationship.

You can always have the data removed via the above procedure.



We have taken the necessary technical and organizational security measures to ensure  that your data  is protected against loss or unauthorized use. Of course, it is possible that the information transferred via  internet may be intercepted by malicious parties. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the information sent to us through the websites  is 100% secure. So when transferring and entering your data you accept that the use of these forms and mail systems is at your risk.


The use of cookies.

During a visit to the site, cookies may be placed on the hard drive of your computer and this only to better tailor the site to the needs of the returning visitor. These mini-files or cookies are not used to check the surfing behavior of the visitor on other websites. Your internet browser allows you to prevent the use of cookies, to receive a warning when a cookie is installed or to delete the cookies from your hard drive afterwards. Consult the help function of your internet browser for this.


Changes to our policy

Any changes to this data protection policy will be posted on this page.

In the event of major changes, we will also proactively communicate these. You can also always consult them on this page when you visit our website.



Rene Knecht

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