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Manager Azure Engineering Team - Ghent

Managing a Highly Qualified Team

The transitioning of individual project architectures to a standardized architecture enhances the security and efficiency of projects (SAAS solution, large implementation).

As an Azure Engineering Manager, you will have the opportunity to shape the future of our AZURE Architecture, define security standards, and play a pivotal role in the further transition to and updating of the standardized Azure architecture. You will lead a team of highly qualified professionals responsible for the design, security, and engineering of Azure architecture in which our SAAS solutions operate.

As the Manager of the Azure Team - 7 individuals with 20 different certifications in Azure and Security - your responsibilities include:

1/ Team Collaboration - Internally

  • Ensuring the team can work in a structured manner.

  • Keeping up with projects and clients going live today (through Azure Architects who have contact with project managers and client stakeholders).

  • Leading the stand-up meetings in the afternoon: as we work across different time zones (travel is very limited).

  • Strategically deploying team members according to time zones.

  • The teams already have many informal contacts.

  • Collecting feedback, setting priorities for the product roadmap.

  • Resource allocation.

  • Staying technologically updated with the team: see 2/.

2/ Technological

  • We are an Early Adopter, ensuring we stay technologically up-to-date with developments within Azure: e.g., Azure Front Door did not exist 2 years ago, so there is a continuous evolution impacting our environment and that of the clients.

  • Ensuring the right actions are taken at the right time.

  • Evaluating Blueprint automation in a timely manner: promoting standardization and automation. We have evolved to a standardized architecture and the use of Infrastructure as Code over the past 2 years, making our projects safer, more scalable, and efficient.

  • Staying up-to-date on Security levels: knowing what exists and keeping up with best practices in security: Azure Defender, Azure Front Door, Azure Sentinel.

  • Infrastructure as a Code: we use BICEPS, but experience with Terraform is also OK: the scripts automate the code to the client, providing more assurance for disaster recovery and fewer errors.

3/ Client Interaction and Project Management

  • The team maintains close contact with internal and external clients to ensure internal code and systems are correctly integrated and secured. Regular updates and communication with clients during Go Lives are important: some architects from the team may meet with the client weekly.

  • Internally, there is coordination with Project Managers and Solution Architects involved in client implementations.

What you bring to fulfill our Early Adopter Role:

  • Technical depth in Azure solutions as an Azure Project Manager or Cloud Architect and/or Azure Lead

  • Extensive knowledge of Azure security (Azure Front Door), Azure Data Lake, Azure Synapse, etc.

  • Leadership qualities: the ability to lead a highly qualified team and ensure their continued development.

  • Certifications and skills: Possession of relevant Azure and security certifications.

🎁 What We Offer You:

  • A well-established and pioneering position in the market with significant growth in projects: this also means continuous growth opportunities based on personal expectations. This vision is part of the company culture and a strong HR policy.

  • The office in GHENT is easily accessible.

  • Managing a highly qualified team with a focus on internal growth (stability, opportunities).

  • The clients may be giants, but the company remains entrepreneurial with a good atmosphere.

  • No micromanagement, no consultancy mentality focused on billing. The implementations/projects have a societal impact.

  • Competitive salary, company car, and benefits, growth programs, all-in.

Interested? I would be happy to provide you with more background information so you understand the context well before you talk to the employer. DM via rene.knecht (at)

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